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WORLDWIDE MANUFACTURER and  DISTRIBUTOR Since 1941   Magnetic Shield Corporation, a division of Perfection Mica Company, is the premier supplier of custom magnetic shielding alloys and custom Built shields.



MuMETAL® Sheet

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MuMETAL® Is Known Worldwide
MuMETAL® alloy recognized as the "industry standard" provides very high magnetic permeability and the highest possible attenuation available in sheet and foil forms. Co-NETIC® and NETIC® specialty alloys are also widely specified by OEM, Design, and Electrical Engineers because each of these material types are all field proven scientifically to be the materials of choice for low-frequency magnetic shielding. Our proprietary brand, MuMETAL® meets MILSPEC 14411C, composition 1.
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Shielding Calculations | Alloy Material Selection
Whether you want to learn shielding theory, shielding calculations, or the differences between our shielding alloys, we can help. We are all affected by, and becoming acutely aware, of the affects electromagnetic interference has on safety and compliance. Each day we receive unique inquiries from OEM, design, electrical engineers, high-tech professionals, inventors, scientists, and buying professionals - many with limited knowledge of how magnetic shielding materials can be used to avoid unwanted interference.
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MuMETAL® Sheet | MuMETAL® Foil | Fabrication
MuMETAL® is used primarily in low intensity fields where high attenuation, high initial permeability and high shielding efficiency are desired. Available as stress annealed (partially annealed for ease of machinability) sheet stock is used for fabricated shields such as enclosures, cylinders, cans, channels or 3D boxes. Typically, atmospherically controlled annealing is required after stamping, machining, bending, rolling or welding to provide maximum shielding performance. MuMETAL® Stress Annealed alloy is available in many forms, but most shields are fabricated from our sheet stock in gauges from .014" to .062" thickness [0,36mm to 1,57mm]. MuMETAL® Foil is fully annealed and available in stock guages from .002" to .010" thickness [0,05mm to 0,25mm].
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Stress Annealed | Final Annealed (Perfection Annealed)
MuMETAL® is typically stocked in a stress annealed state to allow further fabrication, stamping, severe forming or welding. During fabrication, a material’s grain structure is weakened. After final fabrication processes are completed, grain structure is then modified by controlled atmospheric annealing to relieve stress in the material, resulting in larger grain structure, softer temper, and ultimate shielding performance. Although MuMETAL® is available in many forms, most shields are fabricated from foil or sheet stock.

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